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The Working Waterfront education program, available in School District #44 is funded by seven waterfront companies located on the North Shore of the Port of Vancouver:

  • Allied Shipbuilders
  • Chemtrade Logistics
  • ERCO Worldwide
  • Neptune Bulk Terminals
  • Univar Canada
  • Vancouver Pile Driving
  • Western Stevedoring

The program is fun and educational for students in grade 5 and there is no cost to classes to participate. The program assists teachers in meeting the prescribed learning outcomes within the Social Studies Curriculum (focus on economy and Ttechnology) and the Personal Planning Curriculum. The program is made up of:

  • In-class introduction to the North Vancouver waterfront and the Port of Vancouver
  • Harbour tour of the North Shore of Vancouver Harbour
  • Classroom visit by someone who works on the waterfront

 Topics include Canada’s natural resources, development of communities, transportation systems, international trade, economy and jobs and your community.

For more information and to reserve your space in this popular program, contact:

Roxie Giles
North Shore Waterfront Industrial Association

For information about the program and North Shore Waterfront Industrial Association, please contact:

Deb Tardiff

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